Charles de Gaulle aircraft-carrier V2.1

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Created by floflo14 with the cooperation of porto54800 and msc14 : It is a reproduction of the French aircraft-carrier "Charles de Gaulle" in real size (has little near) it mesure approximately 260 blocks of length for 60-80 wide, it contains 4 levels under the bridge (9 for the truth) and between 200 and 300 rooms for one person, it transports also 6 planes (we can add it) and helicopters. Small personal touches for my server, maybe one or two bugs at the level of planes on the bridge(deck). Paste it at the level of sea !!! V 2.1: (Need a good translator)


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Sorry for my late answer and my bad english, Mitch_93: There 4 layers      jsmurray2: Yes you can use it, it's free but you had to specify the author
just wondering how many layers are under this carrier
This looks great im jsmurray2 and was wondering if i could use this schematic for a totally nonprofit server im making that will showcase cool builds i will credit you and everything please reply
Nice schematic !