Lore: Nobody Know's who built Akorrimholm, but it is well known to be over a thousand years old. Its believed to of once housed a great nordic hero of old, who's name has since been forgotten. others say it was a blessing from the gods. However, it is now used to hold guilds of warriors and traders, and to home any traveler who wishes for a bed. Facts & behind the build: Akorrimholm, Is a great nordic (and asian) themed building inspired by Skyrim's Jorrvaskr. Though it originally started out to be a "small" palace, I found that It grew and grew into a moderate mead hall, to a huge building that is currently is. AKorrimholm [b]IS[/b] furnished! however some rooms may be a tiny bit bare due to lack on minecraft furniture. As previously mentioned, the building is Huge ( it is 408,750 blocks in total (including air), 109W x 75 L x 50H). Rooms include: Storage area's, mead hall, many many bedrooms, kitchen, a chapel, sparring area and more! thats about it. -------------------- Thanks, Algia.


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nice, more screenshots please :-)
hohoho nice