Minronn Milltary point Rindr


This is a (giant) Millitary control point thing that can be used however you wish, as an air traffic control, a Milltary Headquarters or another badass base, there are 7 'rooms' in this building, 2 hangers with hover-tanks (4 in each) 2 simulation/training rooms (seconds floor, above the hangers) 'The commons' where Members of the armed forces can relax, enjoy life and eat between battles and duties. The bunk room, where members of the force can sleep and where they can keep personal possessions. the Control room/com's room. this is where all the tacts are made, and where all the transmissions come in. Enjoy! (ps, all the guns work part from the tanks.)


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Nice, I love this futurist base!
Can I use this for my Adventure map??
how do this