I.V.N Shark Mark I Frigate


Here is the first in the I.V.N Series: The Mark 1 I.V.N Shark. It's a hybrid flying ship with propellers. Used during the Early Ishvalan wars. It's a Navy ship, as Orange and Black are the official colours. Credit goes to: Algia - For the Original Wings & Tail Beret - For the Original Ship Design. I completley overhauled the ship, hollowed it out, removing all floors, then adding parts to it. Both the Ship and Wings were heavily modified. This schematic may be used for Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Adventure Maps and for use in Mods. ©Vakarain 2011


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Nice ship, can you upload more screenshots? !!
Cool! I dont see stuff like this all the time.
Waouh !