World edit tutorial

WorldEdit is a crafbukkit server plugin for Minecraft, with this plugin you can build basic shapes like sheres, rectangles, cylinders, pyramids, you can use brushes, and many other tools.

We will focus on the schematic file.

Schematics file creation

  1. First use the wand tool, it's the wooden axe by default (give worldedit permission too).
  2. Use with the wooden axe left clic and right clic to select the cuboid area of you construction.
  3. When you have selected the 2 point, go at the position of your choice to define the origin, I recommand to go at the floor level and on a corner or the middle of your construction, not in the sky because if you have an origin in the sky and you paste it on the floor the building will be pasted in the floor, your player is the origin point.
  4. Next don't move and type "//copy" to copy the selection and the origin point (you).
  5. Now just save it with "//schem save mcedit filename", replace filename with the desired file name, a "filename.schematic" will be created in /plugins/worldedit/schematics/ folder.
  6. Now share it !

Use a schematic file on your server

  1. Paste the Minecraft schematic file in your /plugins/worldedit/schematics/ folder on the Minecraft server.
  2. Load it in the game with "//schem load mcedit filename, replace "filename" with the file name without the .schematic extention.
  3. Now go where you want to paste it (relative to you, you are the origin point), with the command "//paste".
  4. If the schematic is badly placed, just cancel this with //undo !

Be carefull with very big schematics, as it's monothreaded it "freeze the server for a short time" and can disconnect players too, but dont kill the server during the process, just wait, it's not a bug !