Article 1: Sign Up

1.1 - Registration and access to the service are free Minecraft-Addict. They are open to anyone over the age of 16 is being presented on our answering machine, having completed and validated the registration form available online on the site, having accepted these terms of use. A person can be refused by a director or the community without necessary justification, a private server is reserved for players with a certain maturity.
1.2 - The user agrees to provide data and a valid email address belonging to him, on which Minecraft-Addict send its confirmation.
1.3 - Only one entry per person and per account is allowed Any account violating these rules will be immediately removed.
1.4 - Minors may use the site with the agreement and under the supervision of a parent.

Article 2: Personal Data

2.1 - In accordance with the french Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and liberties, Minecraft-Addict has been declared to the CNIL (Commission Nationale Privacy). The user has the right to access and correct their personal information. This right of access and modification may be exercised at or email the webmaster.
2.2 - The email address of the member is required to register, email address, willful misstatement or type "disposable" will result in account deletion without notice, contact the webmaster in case of change of address. The email of the member is in any way to third parties, the member can receive email information and possibly advertising e-mails only from www.minecraft if desired.
2.3 - The user undertakes to use a secure password (number and letter), the passwords are encrypted with strong encryption, email address will be used to recreate a lost password. Minecraft-Schematics will not be held liable for piracy of a member's account, the password can safely be the same as administrators can not see or decrypt the password however, it is recommended to use a different password.

Article 3: Service Operation

3.1 - is a site where members are registered to upload file schematics.
3.2 - Users must be the author constructs or have permission of the author to post a schematic file.
3.3 - reserves the right to delete accounts completely inactive for over 10 months. If you do not plan to connect for more than 10 months but want to thank you for keeping your account contact the webmaster.

Article 4: Cheat and exclusion

4.1 - is considered cheating any program (all actions on the site must be done manually), or exploit another method to divert the normal and intended use of the website services. AutoHotkey scripts particular, and iMacros are forbidden on the site.
4.2 - The penalty for cheating is an automatic exclusion of the site and account deletion. This exclusion is final and without recourse.
4.3 - The site is regularly tested and optimized to ensure the security of personal information of members. All the bugs that may occur should be reported in the contact form on the website forum.
4.4 - The abuse of a bug will be regarded as cheating and may be penalized.
4.5 - The site implements various controls and detection anti-piracy, any member trying to intentionally change the site variables (POST, GET) alone, mostly at end of SQL injection is detected and sanctioned.

Article 5: Payment

5.1 - The site offers an optional premium account gives various benefits, this option is optional and will not be refunded once purchased.

Article 6: Sponsorship

6.1 - The member may sponsor other users to obtain future benefits.
6.2 - Spam or any form of unsolicited advertising to promote the referral link is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate account termination.

Article 7: Miscellaneous

8.1 - reserves the right to unilaterally modify the terms hereof without notice.
8.2 - In case of failure, failures beyond the control of the site, or closing, the member can not claim any compensation.
8.3 - Any data of any nature whatsoever, including text, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio or video clips, trademarks, software, on the Site are necessarily protected by copyright, the trademark law and other intellectual property rights, and belong to or sold to third parties permission to use them on the field-minecraft