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What is a schematic file ?

It is a file that can be imported on your Minecraft server to instantly make something ! You can make Minecraft schematics on specific Minecraft map editors like MCEdit. You can also select an area on your server to make a schematics file with WorldEdit plugin ! Save it, and share this Minecraft schematic here !
You need a redstone circuit, a boat, a spaceship, a castle or a mordern building ? Find it here ! All the best Minecraft schematics here !

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Share your schematics here ! Search for schematics, browse by categories and more ! Build your world faster with Minecraft schematics, the database of Minecraft schematic files !

New : ressource packs and skins !

Now on Minecraft schematics you can share and downloads Ressource packs (texture packs, sound packs, music packs) and Skins !